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INRA & SOLEIL: 10 years of partnership

30 projects to illustrate 10 years of a strong collaboration

Updated on 02/15/2017
Published on 01/23/2017

The INRA-SOLEIL win-win association is illustrated in this report of 30 flagship projects. This partnership is 10 years old and can be proud of nearly 140 scientific publications.

This document follows an earlier edition, published in 2012, to mark the first five years of partnership between INRA and SOLEIL. This “10 year version”, confirms the success of the strong collaboration between INRA and SOLEIL. Nearly 140 scientific publications already report the results obtained, arising from work on several of SOLEIL beamlines, using multiple complementary approaches and analytical techniques. Original and isolated subjects five years ago have since resulted in beautiful scientific stories, bringing new examples of research within increasingly varied themes such as “Food science, nutrition, health”, “ Plant Science under climate change” “Towards bio economy”,  and “Deciphering the structure of complex assemblies”.

Download:  INRA SOLEIL 10 years

Scientific contact(s):

  • Thierry Chardot (01 30 83 32 26) , Synchrotron Soleil et UMR IJPB – Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin INRA – AgroParisTech