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Rennes (France)

04 - 06 Apr 2018

image cheese symposium 2018 Rennes

Cheese Symposium 2018

This 10th Cheese Symposium continues a tradition to showcase recent developments in both fundamental and applied research. It is organized by INRA in collaboration with Teagasc and University College Cork and aims to cover a broad range of themes associated with ongoing cheese research and current market trends.

Updated on 03/28/2018
Published on 10/17/2017

This 10th Cheese Symposium will provide a unique forum for academia and industry to share experiences on the latest developments and applications of cheese research. The program will appeal to all involved in cheese research or production.

Cheese Symposium 2018 will be focused into the following sessions with plenary speakers:

  • Drivers of technological changes in cheese manufacture, Véronique Pilet, CNIEL, FR
  • Breakthroughs and innovation in cheese manufacture, John Hannon, Chr Hansen, DK
  • Quality and safety of cheese, Paul Cotter Teagasc, IE
  • Artisan and PDO cheeses, Luca Settani, Palermo Univ, IT / Diarmuid Sheehan, Teagasc, IR /Paul Kindstedt, Vermont Univ, USA /Elise Demeulenaere, CNRS, France (to be confirmed)
  • Nutrition, health, and cheese, Tanja Kongerslev Thorning, Copenhagen Univ DK
  • Analytical methods and other topics (to be confirmed)


Abstract submission: 1st Oct 2017 – 31 Dec 2017 

Registration: 1st Oct 2017 – 1st March 2018